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The Accidental Librarian covers library principles, practices, and tools of the trade for individuals who work as librarians without benefit of a formal education. You will find tips and examples along with simple exercises designed to testyour knowledge and increase your understanding.The roles librarians play in their communities and the value of libraries in the lives of the people they serve are emphasized thorughout.

A foreword by Karen Strege, Director of the American Library Association's Library Support Staff Certificate Program, sample library policies, a list of educational resources, a round-up of current library issues including legislative matters, and recommended print and Internet resources are featured.

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What They are Saying

Judith A. Siess, a recognized expert in one-person librarianship and interpersonal networking, says, "While not as good as having a "real" librarian running every library, it [the book] is much better than having an uninformed amateur who is called a librarian providing poor service and giving the profession a bad name. What's more, it can also serve as a good refresher course for anyone with an MLS who has been out of school for awhile. A very worthwhile puchase." From OPL Plus (not just for OPLs anymore) November 3, 2008

Pamela MacKellar's THE ACCIDENTAL LIBRARIAN (9781573873383, $29.50) is for any librarian doing the job without benefit of a formal degree. It covers what may have been missed in formal library education, discusses how those with such training stay current in their profession, and comes from a mentor of 'accidental librarians'. Tips, examples, and exercises abound in a recommendation for any college-level library science or general business collection. From Midwest Book Review January,2009

A very useful introduction and overview for “accidental librarians” working in public libraries. Recommended. Library Journal 3/11/2009