Here are updated links for web resources appearing in the book. I've also added some new ones. Click on Resources for more.

Chapter 1 - What Is a Librarian?
Occupational Outlook Handbook
American Library Association (ALA)
ALA, Education and Degrees
ALA, What Librarians Need to Know
ALA Standards for Accreditation of Master’s Programs in Library and Information Studies
Public Libraries in the United States
Special Libraries Association, SLA’s Competencies for Information Professionals
ALA’s Core Competencies of Librarianship
Statements of Knowledge and Competencies Developed by Relevant Professional Organizations

Chapter 2 - What Are Libraries?
ALA, Public Library Standards
Longshots Podcast
Library Garden blog

Chapter 3 - The People Libraries Serve
Arizona Department of Commerce
New Hampshire Economic & Labor Market Information Bureau
Alaska’s Division of Community and Regional Affairs
US Census Bureau